1950 Rapide


Rolling frame using original or new parts substantially complete. 

UK Registration, non-matching frame numbers, new VOC issued engine number.


Inserted into frame for photographic and transport purposes. New machined and polished crankcases, new balanced flywheels, new cylinder heads, muffs and liners. New 276 carbs (Burlen). Inserted into frame for photographic purposes. Vincent gearbox, complete and in good condition with V2 multiplate clutch. ESA, triple chain. New ATD. New cams and followers.  

Work/parts required: c/cases are ‘bare’, so all bearings, spindles, studs, oil pump and pipework. Pistons, valve and timing gear etc. kickstart and gear change mechanism, all parts.


new chromed and red lined rims, polished stainless spokes. Shadow drums skimmed and fitted with original but relined shoes. New tyres and tubes. Polished stainless mudguards, 

Cycle parts, electrics etc:

New seat, stays, silencer and twin exhaust. Altette horn. Two front stand legs (Series B) etc. Stainless fasteners. Professional paint to original tank. Powder coating to frame and rechromed cycle parts. Original Miller headlamp. Wiring loom and all cables. 

Work/parts required: generator, ignition, prop stand plates and boss, speedo and drive.

The above listings are not complete and we strongly recommend inspection to fully evaluate parts and work needed to complete this machine.